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Sunday, 12 June 2016 21:54

Underground Newspaper: Episode 4 - Inflation vs GDP / What is a Home Worth?

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The Smoking Gun: Inflation and the Gross Domestic Product

- Swiss Tunnel, Dancing Goat

- Swiss 76% Against Basic Income

- Law Enforcement Seizure More Than Burglaries

- Corporate Leverage 12- Year High

- 40 Year Old Secret Deal With Saudi Arabia

Food For Thought: How much is a 3 bedroom 2 bath home worth?


Swiss Tunnel Ceremony (The Goat Guy starts around 11min)

Switzerland's voters reject basic income plan

The Untold Story Behind Saudi Arabia’s 41-Year U.S. Debt Secret

Quantitative Easing and the Corruption of Corporate America

Yikes! Value of assets seized by federal law enforcement agencies exceeds burglaries

Essential Reading

The Bourne - Mises Synthesis

The philosophical context of Nationalism and the Zero Sum Gain.

People Are Not Smart Enough For Democracy To Work

This article provides scientific evidence for the obvious: The less you know, the less capable you are of making decisions

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