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Friday, 26 August 2016 23:46

Underground Newspaper: Episode 6 - Deficit Spending / GunDebate Irrelevant

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As the information age pushes the rate of mems, tweets and viral blurbs to the human minds breaking point, we increasingly trade data retention for the experience of knowledge. Trade the whirlwind of information for thoughts that make you think.

This is not the news. Welcome to the Knowledge Revolution.


Welcome to the Underground Newspaper.

The Smoking Gun: The Magic of Deficit Spending

Nations inflate their currencies to decrease the cost of debt. Lets say a nation effectively takes out a big loan by selling, lets say $20 Trillion in bonds, with a fixed rate of 2% interest a year to be paid in 10 years. The government spends the money immediately. Now lets say that the nations central bank, government and big businesses conspire to increase the rate of inflation. Let's say they decide to half the value of their currency in 10 years, such that everything costs twice as much, everyone earns twice as much and the government collects double the tax revenue. So, when 10 years is up and the government pays back the $20 Trillion (plus about 4 Trillion in interest), $24 Trillion is only worth half of what it was when it was loaned and spent. In effect, the government paid $24 Trillion dollars for $40 Trillion in value at the inflated rate. Welcome to the magic of deficit spending. The catch is, why would any investor, foreign nation or big bank want to buy your crappy bonds? Well, did you spend the $20 Trillion on education and infrastructure or on military power and clandestine influence?

In the Mainstream News:

To disheartening to even comment.

Not in the Main Stream News:

The African Union is moving forward with a universal passport program to dramatically streamline travel and trade within its 54 member states.

Researchers have filed a lawsuit with the Justice department contending that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act prevents them from investigating instances of online discrimination. Imagine if Amazon, Zillow or Monster Jobs decided to discriminate against a race, gender or political affiliation? Personally, I'm not so sure it is a “what if”. I have logged into Amazon with two different accounts and seen different prices on the same products.

Scientists May Soon Be Able to Implant False Memories in Your Brain. MIT researchers Steve Ramirez and Xu Liu recently implanted a false memory into a mouse’s brain. Ramirez says, “the only leap left between there and humans is just technological innovation.” Oh, good. That's reassuring...

Dr. Richard Horton, Editor-in-chief of the Lancet (the world’s most respected medical journal) recently published a statement asserting that contemporary medical scientific research is a load of crap. Horton declared, “Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”

Recent research shows that homework is of no benefit at the Elementary school level and of dubious benefit thereafter. “The research is very clear,” agrees Etta Kralovec, education professor at the University of Arizona. “There’s no benefit at the elementary school level.” Keep that in mind next time you ask your child, “Have you done your homework?”

Madeline Weiss and Filipa Sousa led a team based out of Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf in Germany to compile gene families of Bacteria and Archaea in order to determine that the Last Common Ancestor of all life on earth was most likely a single-celled organism that lived in an oxygen-free hot spring. Just keep in mind, all humanity and indeed all life on earth is one big family, and our common great grandparent to the power of 100 was parting it up by a hot spring 4 billion years ago.

A collaboration of scientists at several prominent universities have succeeded in producing the first 3d printed bio-hybrid animal. It's a stingray like creature, with a rudimentary gold nervous system and genetically engineered heart cells for propulsion. According to Lisa Calhoun of Inc Magazine, “entrepreneurs in the next few years will be able to play on the border of what life is, what alive means, and what life can be.”

In the second quarter of 2016, the US home-ownership rate hit its lowest mark in five decades. To be clear, in this so called “recovery”, the percentage of the US population that owns their own home is at its lowest point in 50 years.

Researchers at defense contractor BAE Systems, in partnership with Glasgow University, are working on a proprietary machine called a Chemputer, which would allow military drone aircraft to be rapidly grown, rather than laboriously built. The chemputer allows for production of advanced body types and can grow much of the circuitry as well. Besides reducing cost and increasing the rate of production, the chemputer reduces the time required to deploy a new design from years to weeks. The future is coming folks! Are you ready?

Food For Thought: The gun control debate will be irrelevant in about 15 years, because both guns and most forms of what me now know as crime will be obsolete.

The argument for controlling the licensing and sale of firearms is basically, “guns cause crime, guns kill people”, While the argument for 2nd amendment rights is “I have a right to defend myself against criminals and I have a right to defend myself against a tyrannical government.” While both sides produce carefully pruned facts and statistics to support their cause, they fail to observe the technological trends rendering all their opposing points mute. We are standing on the beach after the tide has suddenly withdrawn arguing about the seashells, completely unaware of the tidal wave of technological advancements about to crash down upon us.

First off, if you want to defend yourself against your government, a gun is rapidly becoming a wholly ineffectual weapon. With the current advancements in weapons technology, the military of the near future will rely less on traditional firepower and more on space based or high flying delivery systems and miniaturized lethal semi-autonomous weapons platforms. Just imagine a swarm of drones the size of flys carrying lethal doses of neurotoxins integrated with a space based and high altitude surveillance system capable of simultaneously tracking and targeting thousands of suspects over diverse terrain. Very soon, if we continue on our current trajectory, you will not even be able to hide from your government and you sure as hell won't be able to shoot back.

Likewise, the same technology's will leak into the realm of law enforcement. Imagine an attempted mugging circa 2025. Provided the mugger is somehow capable of avoiding the ire of any predictive modeling system, they approach their intended victim in a dark ally way, brandishing their weapon of choice. If police aerial surveillance drones have not already identified the individual, the victim will still have several avenues of recourse. They would simply need to say “911” out loud and dozens of drones and smart devices would immediately begin assessing the situation. Police rapid response drones would be diverted from their patrols, each capable of firing long rage tazers, active denial systems or releasing yet more fly sized autonomous robotic insects, high altitude surveillance systems would target the assailant and immediately begin cross referencing terabytes of data to determine their identity, intent and psychological profile. If, by some fluke, the mugger was able to rob the victim or even to do them harm, they would need superhuman powers to escape with their spoils. Even so, in a cashless economy, where every transaction is a data-point, what could they hope to gain? Moreover, what good would a gun have done the victim? Would they be better firing off a shot in the dark or relying on the predictive analysis of super-computing artificial intelligence's who simply do not miss.

If you want to defend yourself against a tyrannical government, the most useful tools you could have are non-compromised communications technology and/or un-manipulated social media. As well as the ability to purchase or build advanced drones and drone countermeasures without ending up on the FBI's watch list.

If you want to protect yourself from crime, invest in a firewall system, use hard to guess passwords, don't answer any questions on the phone or internet unless you know exactly who you are communicating with. If you live in a particularly dangerous neighborhood, there are already surveillance drones available that track and follow your location, videoing your activity and uploading it directly to the web. How much less likely are you to be attacked if the would be attacker knows they are being videoed?

So, in the present or very near future, guns will not protect you from your government, nor from crime. Likewise, barring improper gun safety precautions i.e. shooting yourself in the foot at the gun range, it will be extremely difficult to kill someone with a gun and even more difficult to do so and not face prosecution.

It's fine to debate the problems of today. Would an armed teacher or subway rider prevent the next mass shooting or simply cause a horrible accident? How relevant is the answer when we realize that this debate has a rapidly approaching statute of limitations. How much better served would we be to consider the tidal wave, than the sea shells on the beach.

Welcome to the Age of Knowledge. Welcome to the Underground Newspaper.

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